GoEllipse bitmap


Is there any way to work with GoEllipse as with GoImage?
Directly, I would like to change it’s background so I need to have access to its bitmap. Or may be you can suggest better solution.

Thank you.

No… there is no bitmap to an ellipse… it is a shape drawn with a Pen and a Brush.

I can probably show you how to extract an ellipse shaped bitmap from a rectangular bitmap. It seems like
I recall doing that once upon a time.


to get this:

do this:

  GoDrawing rTile = new GoDrawing(GoFigure.Ellipse);
  rTile.Size = new SizeF(200, 100);
  rTile.Location = new PointF(100, 100);
  Image tile = Image.FromFile("SilverlightLogo-50.png");
  TextureBrush tb = new TextureBrush(tile);
  rTile.Brush = tb;
  doc.Add(rTile);  // where doc is the GoDocument.

and no, I have no idea why I used a Silverlight logo when I did this originally. it has nothing to do with Silverlight.

May be it is possible to fill ellipse with two colors? Not by gradient but by first color in middle and second one other part of ellipse.

You’ve got Pen and Brush. Brush is the fill color. Pen is the outline color. You can set the Pen width…