GoGeneralNode.ChangedTopLabel subhint

I am trying to implement a handler for changes to the toplabel text of a GoGeneralNode.

In the GoDocument.OnChanged override, there is an event for GoLayer.ChangedObject with a GoText.Changed subhint,
but I don't see any event with a GoGeneralNode.ChangedTopLabel subhint (nor hint).
How can I trap a GoGeneralNode.ChangedTopLabel event ?
ChangedTopLabel happens when you change the GoText object in the TopLabel. GoText.Changed is the event for the label being edited. You should be looking for GoText.Changed... SubHints, and then deciding if the particular GoText object is a part of a GoGeneralNode and is the value of GoGeneralNode.TopLabel.

So… the ChangedTopLabel subhint is not being used ?

Not for changes to the GoText object.