GoGeneralNode Minimum Size

I need a “low” heigh node, and I can’t set the heigh I want (16pix).
I have read in another thread there is a minimum size related to the node’s icon.

I do not use the icon of the node (I ovverride Create Icon to build a group).

protected override GoObject CreateIcon(ResourceManager res, String iconname)
return m_Renderer.CreateBody();

Some idea how to remove the heigh limitation?

Well… I found a way:

    public override SizeF MinimumIconSize
              return new SizeF(1.0F, 1.0F);
              base.MinimumIconSize = value;

I don’t know if it’s the “official” to do that ?

Does setting the GoGeneralNode.MinimumIconSize not do what you want?
But note that the value of MinimumIconSize will always be large enough to support all of the ports on both sides. So for example, if the Orientation is Horizontal, there may be ports on the left and on the right sides. The MinimumIconSize.Height will be at least as large as the maximum of the total port heights of each side.
When I had a GoGeneralNode that had at most one port on each side, I was able to set the MinimumIconSize height to be 16. When there were no ports, I was able to set the minimum height to be 1.

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Yes, that’s a way to disable the code that constrains the minimum size to ignore how many and how large the ports are.