GoGeneralNodePort with label on left side

I have a GoGeneralNodePort pointing to the right with a label but I'd like the label to show up on the left side of the port so that when the user creates the link, the line comes out of the port rather than the text. I figure I have to override the LayoutLabel function but I'm not sure how. I tried just moving the position of the label to the left after calling the base class but that doesn't affect the line so it just leaves the gap between the line and the port. Any ideas?

I think that’s a reasonable idea, but you’ll need to work out the details.
Regarding where the link ends, you’ll need to override GoGeneralNodePort.GetToLinkPoint to return GetSpotLocation(this.ToSpot), and similarly override GetFromLinkPoint to return GetSpotLocation(this.FromSpot).

overriding the GetFromLinkPoint was what I was missing. Thank you.