Can someone provide an sample for using GoGroup. i want to group to different textnodes together and make it act as single node. is that possible with GoGroup. If not, what is the use of GoGroup, how it can be implemented.
Thanks in advance.


If you want your collection of nodes to act as a single node, you probably want to use a GoNode instead of a GoGroup, because GoNode implements the IGoNode interface.
Add a GoNode to your document, and then for each (text)node set its Selectable property to false and Add it to the GoNode. Or you could use AddCollection to add them to your GoNode all at once. Use AddCollection if you also want to add any links that connect your (text)nodes.
Alternatively, have you considered the GoMultiTextNode class? Perhaps this is close to what you want to do?


Thanks for you reply.
How to add one node to another. Or AddCollection is that a method that i need to override.


It will be helpful if you can tell me how to add nodes to GoGroup or to GoNode. i have created a class inherited from GoGroup, but i am not able to add Gotextnode or any other nodes provided in GoExpress. How to proceed with this?
Thanks in advance


You can manipulate groups in that manner only with GoDiagram Win or Web or Pocket, not with GoDiagram Express.