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When selecting any object in my project goview shows me an inspector with node data.

Any Postback will hide this inspector even when a node is selected.
HOW do I prevent GoView to do this?
What will I have to do, that Goview shows the properties of any selected object after a postback or at startup?
I want GoView to show me the properties of the actual selected node
thanks a lot

Can you tell me more about your application configuration?

Yes, I can of course, Jake:

VS 2008
SqlServer 2008
My app starts with few nodes, I set my start node as selected node. this node is shown with the selection rectangle and I want the app to show on startup the properties of the startnode.
The user click on a node are the properties are shown, The user interaction creates a postback, Zoom in and out are postback buttons, on return the selected node remains selected but the properties were hidden. I need the appropriate values in goInfo:
goShowPanel(name, '<%=textBoxIdentifier.clientID %>', goInfo.Identifier);
goInfo is null

OK… from what I know now, I can point you at the FlowCharter sample. http://www.godotnetweb.com/FlowCharter/WebForm1.aspx

In this app, you can select a node, get the “edit box” for the label, and then zoom in / zoom out without losing that context.

Perhaps if you look at that, you’ll see how to resolve your issue.

Thank you Jake,

The sample is not really what I am looking vor. Zoom In and Out are done by: <button id="ZoomInButton" onclick="goZoom('in','MyView')" type="button"> In</button>
<button id="ZoomOutButton" onclick="goZoom('out','MyView')" type="button">Out</button>
I do zooming and other actions with postback buttons AND when app starts, there is a selected node which should show its properties without any user interaction. I need the goInfo object on the aspx page to be filled with the property data of the current selected object (node or link)
Thank your for yoúr attention

If you look at Goweb.js, you’ll see event handlers like goDoClick define goInfo by doing a goFindInfoAt(x,y,id).

But this happens on the client side as the result of a user action. What you want is to “push” that state from the server. And it just isn’t set up to work that way.

There is a way of doing what you want, but it requires a little more work on your part.

One feature hook in GoWeb.js is to call a javascript function goOnLoad if it is defined in the page in goAfterLoad. So… after ever load of the GoView image, you get a call to your goOnLoad function.

You could pass some info to the goOnLoad by overriding the DataRenderer.

OR, for example, if you were using AJAX in your panel, you could just do this:

In your .ASPX , add this:

// after the GoView has loaded new img, update the UpdatePanel1.

function goOnLoad(id, reload) {

__doPostBack(‘UpdatePanel1’, ‘’);


Thank you, Jake

with some java script it works for me