GoIconicNode and multiple GoImages

Hi Walter,

Another technical question for you.
I'm customizing my IconicNodes so that its Ports uses another Image to represent a "status" for the nodes. I have gotten this work to, but can't seem to position the port where I want. The port always displays the additional image dead-centre. What I'm trying to do here is similar to Windows Icons. For example, you have the default app Icon - and when you create a short-cut for that app, you get a different looking icon with a short-cut symbol (bottom-left) of the original icon.
I have considered creating another image for this effect, and simply replacing the IconicNode image entirely.
What do you think is the best solution?

Just create a GoImage, initialize it the way you want, and then Add it to your node at the desired position.

If your nodes (actually the Icon) don't need to be resized (neither interactively nor programmatically), you're done. If they do change size sometimes, you'll need to override LayoutChildren to size/position your extra GoImage the way you want.
You can refer to your extra GoImage as the fourth child of the GoIconicNode:
[code]public GoImage StatusImage {
get { return this[3] as GoImage; }


This method is way better than what I had (just) implemented. What I did was create another icon image the same size as the IconicNode, but with its actual content (example the shortcut-symbol) smaller and exactly at the quadrant I want. Then I added sized the port to the size of IconicNode - and the result was the shortcut-symbol right were I wanted. Since it was an icon, the transparent parts (in this case Q1, Q2, and Q3) would show through.
But I think you're method is way better - because customizing all these icons would be very time-consuming; and not very configurable in the future.