GoIconicNode loopback

Im using a GoIconicNode with 2 ports (left as input and right as output).
When connecting an out port to an in port on the same node, the link arrow is almost not visible, and goes through the node even if i mark AvoidsNodes = true.

Is there any way to configure the link to draw itself in a more clear way?


GoLink.IsSelfLoop assumes the self loop is to the same port.

If I add this to ProtoApp, I get a reasonable selflink between the two ports.

  public class GraphRealLink : GoLink
    public override bool IsSelfLoop {
      get {
        bool val = (this.FromPort != null && this.ToPort != null && this.FromPort.Node == this.ToPort.Node);
        return val;
If you are using GoLabeledLink, you have to override CreateRealLink and create the GoLink-classed object thereā€¦

like this:

    public override GoLink CreateRealLink() {
return new GraphRealLink();

Thats exactly what i was looking for. Thanks!