GoIconicNode Selection Box

I am using a GoIconicNode with a Label and need to change the way the selection box is drawn.

When I turn off the labels, then the green selection box encloses the icon correctly.

When I turn on the labels, I get two green selection boxes: the original one around the icon, and a second one around the label.

Another interesting effect is that if I select the node, then only the node’s box is visible, but if I select the label, then both boxes are visible.

I have another app that is useing a GoGeneralNode. In that case, the label and the icon are both contained in a single box.

How do I get the single box for GoIconicNodes? Or do I have to use another type of GoNode to accomplish this?

How standard is your GoIconicNode? The behavior you are describing isn’t the way the GoIconicNode in Demo1 behaves. (The “star” that links to “doc” is a GoIconicNode.) You can hit F4 in Demo1 to play with the nodes’s properties.

I only see a selection box on the icon.

I changed my GoText object attached to th GoIconicNode to have Selectable = false;

This gets the behaviour to be the same as in Demo1.

But it appears that GoGeneralNode adjusts the selection box to include the text and the node (in may case, the text is directly below the node).

Is this correct, or should I look deeper into my code to see how it was done?

Both GoGeneralNode and GoIconicNode override the SelectionObject property and return the Icon.

Looks like I need to find out how the existing code in my other project accomplished the trick of changing the selection box to fit over the icon and the label.

I will check that out.