GoIconicnodes arrangement

I’m trying to create the nodes around nodeA. The number of nodes around nodeA is unknown. Is there an algorithm to create these nodes without one overlapping the others. Note that I will not have any link between nodes.

Second, if I want to requeatly create another group just like the above, where NodeB is the center node. Where do I place nodeB?
I'm lazy so I try to find out if GoDiagram has this capability already.

Well, I assume you are talking about something like what WebWalker does.

Also, consider the code in http://www.nwoods.com/forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=44.
However, the general answer to your question is that if you want a circular arrangement of nodes and don't want any of them to overlap, you have to know the numbers and sizes of the nodes beforehand. Otherwise you won't know how much space to leave between them.
But maybe you don't need a circular layout?

does GoLayoutNetwork nodes arrange the nodes in a circle if I have the nodes in its network nodes?