GoInstruments Add

Taking a code snippet from the GoInstruments demo I get a null object reference exception when I attemp to place the object in a GoView... Any ideas what I may be doing wrong? //============= (Snippet) GraduatedScaleElliptical scale2 = new GraduatedScaleElliptical(); scale2.Selectable = true; scale2.Bounds = new RectangleF(900, 120, 100, 50); scale2.StartAngle = 0; scale2.SweepAngle = 180; scale2.TickLengthLeft = 10; scale2.ResizesRealtime = true; scale2.Minimum = -20; //====== (End of Snippet) GoView gv = new GoView(); gv.Document.Add(scale2); // <----Add to view exception here

That’s odd–when I try to run that code, I don’t get any exception.

My problem by having … wrong version of GoView in “References” for my project.