GoInstruments: dials/meters/rulers

I’d like to announce the beta availability of GoInstruments. If you have been looking to draw dials/meters/gauges, or even just simple rulers, this should satisfy you.

You can try the evaluation kit at: [EDIT: separate kit is no longer available]
Although the code requires GoDiagram Win 2.1.2, the evaluation kit actually works stand-alone. With the next release of GoDiagram, this demo will just be included as a sample in the regular GoWin kit.
Comments, as always, are appreciated.

Oops, sorry about that. Try it again.

Very cool! Keep up the good work!

Is that link still available ? I tried to download it and it seems that the link is broken again,

How to add more port in a tank…Let say i have tank with 3 input flow and 2 output flow?

The Tank sample node is derived from GoSimpleNode, which is

"A node with a resizable icon, a label, and a port on each side."
and tank is set to Orientation = Vertical, so the ports are on the top and bottom.
If you want a node with multiple distinct connecting points (instead of multiple links connecting to a single input or output port), you have a bunch of options.
GoMultiPortNode or SequencedNode in Demo1 offer two different styles of multi-ported-ness.