GoJS 3.0.1 released

Changes for 3.0.1

  • Potentially incompatible: We have added InputEvent.code to correspond to KeyboardEvent.code CommandHandler.doKeyDown now uses KeyboardEvent.code instead of KeyboardEvent.key for better cross-language shortcut support. This may lead to incompatibilities if you have code (such as testing code) that sets an InputEvent.key value. You may need to additionally set InputEvent.code. If your code does not modify the value of InputEvent.key anywhere (such as in a tool customization or in a CommandHandler.doKeyDown override), you do not need to do anything.
  • Fix for initial position when Diagram.autoScale scales initial contents, but a scrollbar is still required.
  • Fixed some Iterators returned by GoJS (such as from Node.findLinksInto) returning faulty values from use of Symbol.iterator.
  • Fixed a bug where large nodes in a ForceDirectedLayout would sometimes overlap.

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