GoJS Accessibility Best Practices

We are being told that our GoJS diagram must support Accessibility (A11Y) before we can ship. I found the two paragraphs about this on the “commands” help page in the GoJS documentation. But I am hoping for a little more detail from the GoJS community at large on how to deal with this.

I have read somewhere that one solution is to use a shadow DOM. I’m just starting to look into this so if anyone has any pointers or examples that would be greatly appreciated. I also intend to go back to our development managers to understand exactly what our A11Y requirements are (particularly those outside the already provided keyboard handlers) so I have to admit I don’t know those at this point. I’m just trying to get ahead of the game a bit.

Thanks as always for any help or suggestions.

I know this is an old thread with no responses but wondering if you ever found anything out? We have a customer that is asking what support our app has for 508/ARIA.

No, we don’t have experience with this. It’s hard to provide a general but reasonable fallback description for a diagram. In my view, having knowledge of the semantics of the particular application is required to make the fallback description concise and meaningful. That’s not something the library can do, just as browsers cannot provide automatic generation of the title for an Image.