GOJS and HostListener

I am developing an application to use gojs and angular for developing building structure.

I created so many components some are using angular features and others are using GOJS features.

I created HostListener and added on my main DIV element.

Using Drag and Drop model explained in GOJS, i created two panel. Left Panel contains components to be dragged and Right panel contains main diagram for placing the components. (similar in the example)

In Left Panel if i drag a component, i am expecting drag events to be fired. But it is not happening.

Same for right panel too. (After place the component i dragged and checked the same).

Can you please help me to resolve this issue.

Are you asking about a DOM event? That depends on the platform. And we really recommend against it, since GoJS provides most of the commonly-needed events.

For example, consider these event handlers:

These handle most of the cases that programmers need. There are lots of examples of these if you search through the sources.