GoJS and NPM

I am using NPM (Node Package Manager) to manage all JS libraries I am using in my project. I see that GoJS can be pulled in through NPM and that it has a watermark. On the website it basically says that a custom JS file will be created for me whenever I activate it. So can I only use NPM to manage my GoJS instance during evaluation? I would like to continue to use NPM for GoJS even with a registered version. Is this not possible?

This is on our list of things we’re doing for the next version. I can’t guarantee when it will be ready, though.

Currently, you can only pull the evaluation version from NPM.

Hi there,

By “the next version” do you mean 1.7? And is there any update on likely timescale for this version?


Yes, it has already been implemented in 1.7, but we’re still not yet ready for 1.7 beta. Perhaps in a month or two.