Gojs-angular and Prerendering static pages

Hello !
I try to create static page with a gojs-diagram using the standard angular prerendering process (Angular) but the index.html is empty.
What I am missing ? Could ypu help me to resolve my issue .
Thanks !

I’m fairly new to Angular prerendering, but my first guess is: are you creating a local server before accessing the prerendered index.html? If not, you’ll get CORs errors (do you see such errors in the console?) You shouldn’t access pre-rendered files via local paths, instead use something like python simple server

The purpose of prerender an angular application is to have a static html file without a server (see Prerender Angular application — be SEO | by Maciej Treder | The Startup | Medium). @nguniversal/express-engin first create an express server and then save all the responses to static pages (one page by route). I still have issu and do not succeed to run go-js diagram on static page using @nguniversal/express-engin.

When you run npm run prerender, do you see any errors about bundle size being exceeded?

When you open your generated index.html (or whatever static page(s) you generate), are there errors in the console?

I’ve spent a bit of time trying to wrap my head around the problem this morning. But generally, we are not experts in Angular, and this type of question typically falls outside the scope of GoJS.

Thanks for your help, I’ll continue to investigate