Gojs-angular doesn't compile if the target is set to es5

GoJS version: 2.1.52
GoJs-Angular version: 2.0.4
Angular Version 9.1.13

When we set the target in tsconfig to “es5”, the application doesn’t compile/transpile properly. Is GoJS/GoJS-Angular compatible with Angular 9 and ES5?

WARNING in Invalid constructor parameter decorator in **/node_modules/gojs-angular/fesm2015/gojs-angular.js:
 () => [
    { type: KeyValueDiffers },
    { type: NgZone }

ERROR in getInternalNameOfClass() called on a non-ES5 class: expected DiagramComponent to have an inner class declaration

Just guessing…
How did you change the tsconfig file for gojs-angular? Note the module and lib settings.

Sorry I didn’t clarify: I didn’t change the tsconfig for gojs-angular. I changed the tsconfig for my project, which has gojs-angular (and gojs) as dependencies. The error above is seen on running ng serve in my project.

As for the other settings in that tsconfig, module is set to esnext and lib is set to es2018 and dom.

Normally when using ES modules you would use go-module.js rather than go.js. If you are using any extensions, remember to make sure they import the same library.

I have no idea what happens when trying to build an Angular app when compiling to ES5 but trying to use ES modules.