GOJS Avoid Overlapping of links in tree Layout

How to avoid links overlapping in Tree layout:

Can you please give some examples.

Thank you

That’s not a tree-structured graph. I don’t think TreeLayout is responsible for routing Links that are not Link.isTreeLink.

Actually,i am using following code for layout and link properties,

Is there any thing need to be added.

Using AvoidsNodes routing will preclude any automatic separation of link routes. Sorry.

You might have some luck if you used Orthogonal routing, but that would still require either some special settings on the Links or more likely some custom routing behavior, either with overrides of Link methods or special routing in TreeLayout.commitLinks.

can you please suggest some example methods to handle this commitLinks.

when i try to set orthogonal property…am getting the follwing ans…

You might want to set the fromSpot to be go.Spot.BottomSide and the toSpot to be go.Spot.TopSide.