GoJS beta

We have continued to improve our diagramming components for JavaScript and HTML5 Canvas. GoJS is now in a more public beta period.

GoJS Overview

We hope to finish squashing bugs and improving performance and writing documentation and implementing samples within a couple months.

There are still a few features that we want to add that did not make it into the latest baselevel, such as Grids (regular patterns) and smart “DropOnto” behavior.

I expect that we will continue to release new baselevels frequently, usually at least once a week.

Baselevel 0.6.2beta improved touch support by adding a default context menu that includes buttons for all of the standard commands that are enabled at the time the context menu is shown. This is essential when the user has no keyboard and yet you have not explicitly added context menus to your app. 0.6.2beta also introduced shadows for Parts.

We’re now up to version 0.6.3 beta. The latest baselevel has better
support for iPads, a bunch of cleanups of the various tools, support for
grids (Panels of type Grid) for drawing lines at regular intervals as well as a background Diagram.grid.

Version 0.6.4beta is now the latest. Various documentation improvements and bug fixes.

0.6.5 supports dynamically changing Part categories.

0.7.0 is now available.