GoJS consume keydown event

I have a keydown handler on an ancestor div that contains the goJS canvas.

When i press the ‘esc’ key, GoJS consumes the keydown event and do not let it reaches the ancestor div. I suppose it is because esc is used to cancel the selection. Is there a way to let the keydown event bubbles up the DOM tree ? ( if a press ‘a’ or ‘b’ key, everything works fine, the keydown is detected by the ancestor div )

Override CommandHandler.doKeyDown to detect that key (and maybe some others?) and set InputEvent.bubbles to true. See http://gojs.net/latest/intro/commands.html for how to override the method and call the base method.

Exactly what i needed, thanks !

Iwas already overriding the commandHandler and retriggering the event on the div, which was kind of dirty. I missed that bubbles property in the documentation.