'gojs-diagram' is not a known element:

Hi, I am able to run the demo, but when I do it in my project doesnt work:

Have you imported gojs-angular?

Hi walter,

Yes I did, what I did was copied the example from github inside my own project. Adding import {GojsAngularModule} from ‘gojs-angular’; in the app.module.ts

I just tried rebuilding gojs-angular-basic and am able to run ng-serve without issue.

What about your file structure is different? What version of gojs-angular and gojs do you have installed? Is the offended component a part of your app module (i.e. in the declarations Array?)

Hi Ryanj,

The words component a part of your app module, took me to the solution,
I have the app.module and then I have another module for a big componenet with a lot of childs components, so I added the


also on that module and all start working right. With another components I did not have to put twice the module, I mean at app.module level and also in the in the inner module. But make sense re declared it, If my component is at app.module level and where I implement it is in another component with other module.