Gojs Diagram postion

In this orgChartStatic sample( http://gojs.net/latest/samples/orgChartStatic.html ) while searching for some nodes it will automatically get that node into diagram view using diagram.centerRect(part.actualBounds)

But, I want something like, whenever we are search for any nodes that node must display in the digaram left top corner position. Is that possible to do?

Set diagram.position = part.actualBounds.position.

Note that by default the document cannot be scrolled beyond its Diagram.documentBounds, so if the node you want to focus on is at the bottom right corner of the document, it cannot be scrolled to appear at the top-left corner of the viewport. Unless the node is big enough to fill the viewport. Read more at http://gojs.net/latest/intro/viewport.html

Thanks,Walter. I have read about viewport & scrollmode. After that, I have used
diagram.scrollMode = go.Diagram.InfiniteScroll . Now the node positioned at top-left coner.