Gojs Drag Shape editable?

Can we drag Shape and make it editable at the time of drag and drop only ?

for example, I am dragging shape from palette and dropping in diagram and it should be editable default not on click or double click ? Is this supported in Gojs ?


By editable, are you talking about allowing the user to change the geometry of the Shape? Probably using https://gojs.net/latest/extensions/GeometryReshaping.html ?

You can certainly do that by having the Node be Node.reshapable initially, and then setting that property to false when you want to stop allowing reshaping.

Thank you for the response.

My requirement is not to edit shape but actual requirement is text should be editable.

I am following below link
For example , I am dragging circle shape with start text inside. when I drag the shape my focus should be on start with editable.


Ah, then the user is not editing the Shape but is editing the TextBlock.

OK, then in an “ExternalObjectsDropped” DiagramEvent listener you can call CommandHandler.editTextBlock on the TextBlock that you want the user to edit.