goJS floorPlanner print

Hi, I’m using goJs floorPlanner template and I want to get print planogram screen
https://gojs.net/latest/intro/printing.html this method taking width height. I want to all planogram screen. Could you help me ?

So you do want to print multiple pages, yes?

And you certainly do not need to ask the user for how large to make each page’s image. You could make that decision based on whether they want to print in portrait or landscape mode.

You might want to have a separate page just for printing, so that you don’t have to complicate your page with @media CSS. But I don’t know how your page is implemented.

Could you please be more specific about how that page is insufficient in helping you?

this is my full project page and I want to print only this

result is very bad quality :

I’m using custom print functions ( html2Canvas and html2Pdf ) Can I print only planogram area with goJs ?

I am unfamiliar with html2canvas and html2pdf. Those are certainly not necessary for printing, as you can see in our Intoduction page about printing. When you try printing that page, https://gojs.net/latest/intro/printing.html , do you get the results that you want?

Also, since you mention PDF, consider “printing” to a PDF file: https://gojs.net/latest/projects/pdf/minimalPDF.html

https://gojs.net/latest/projects/pdf/minimalPDF.html this is better than 3th partys. thanks walter.