GoJS flow animation

hi, i want to know how to animate a flowchart, created using gojs, in gojs. i used an example code which helps me animate it along straight line from node to node creating its own path of animation but it does not follow the link created explicitly. this is the example i used, Concept Map with animation along paths . i’m new to this language and i really cannot find a way to animate the flowchart through its link. can anyone help me with it?


I believe that should be relatively easy in version 1.7. Let me try it and if it works I’ll tell you how.

OK, it will work in 1.7, but there’s a bug in the current beta that prevents it from working right now. After the next beta comes out (I’m not sure when that will be), the new samples/pathAnimation will have updated code that will work with any link path, not just single straight segments.