Gojs group scroll lazy loading

Hi team,
I want to achieve a scroll inside a group and nodes should be lazy load on scroll down inside group
in our project which is same as kanban board (Kanban Board)

So, So suggest me any method or customization through which I can achieve this functionality.

Have you already implemented scrolling within the group? Why do you need lazy loading of additional member nodes?

hi Walter, currently we are unable to implement scroll with in group. we need to load a group member lazy on scroll because there can be a huge amount of data which can takes time to draw the graph (performance issue).

Here’s a sample implementing a scrolled group where the scrollbars are shown when the group is selected: Clipped Groups with Scrollbar when Selected

Here’s basically the same sample, but the scrollbars are always visible, even when the group is not selected: Clipped Groups with Scrollbar

However, neither implement anything regarding virtualization. The code to update the scrollbars (maybe you’ll only have one, the vertical scrollbar?) depends on finding the actual bounds of all of the group’s member parts. You’ll need to determine that bounds even when all of the member parts do not yet exist.

Then you’ll need to make sure that all of the member parts that should exist because their bounds intersect with the group’s “viewport” bounds, actually do exist.