GoJs Integration issue with Consuming .DataSyncServicesyncLinkData

Hi Team,

We are integrating GOjs basic app into the application and below are the code and error message we are getting. We are

That looks like a TypeScript error that requires fixing your code. But I’m not sure what the code is.

I am using the exact same binding as the Sample example.i am not able to get the diagram in Snippet


What was that sample binding?

What is your code that the TypeScript compiler is complaining about?

I am referring to the above example.

I can run the sample code but when I try to integrate it into the application it throws an exception which shows in the above comment

Please check the below code.

Are you not talking about a Binding in GoJS? I still cannot see the code that the TypeScript compiler is complaining about.

the code is complaining about model chnage event as share in the above but please check below screenshot

I still cannot tell which line is which.

Does the code run correctly? If so, add a cast to avoid the compiler error.

okay I will type cast

one more issue I am not able to initial the diagram I am using the same binding as Sample go js angular example is given in the git hub

public ngAfterViewInit(): void {
if (this.observedDiagram) { return; }

this.observedDiagram = this.myDiagramComponent.diagram;


here observedDiagram is null

Mydiagramomponent is not lading the with Diagram object .

Please check the below binding I am using.


Is there any configuration I missed, or is my test app using type script 4.7.4 while my application uses 4.6.4 version?

The original code is correct – the value of Overview.observed needs to be an instance of a Diagram, not some HTMLDivElement.

i have added an overview and palette but still I am not getting the diagram object


If I am not wrong, for creating the Diagram object from DiagramComponent we have to initialise the overview and Palette component?

Each of those components should automatically create the corresponding Diagram, Palette or Overview. That’s what those initDiagram and initPalette functions are for.

I’m assuming that your app wants to use at least one of each of these kinds of diagrams.

Yes, in my app we have to use the palette and diagram. I am using the same code and structure to load the diagram as the sample code uses but DiagramComponent is not creating that one in my app.I am not sure where I am lagging.

Can you please guide me on that?

When you debug the code, do each of those “init…” functions get called and successfully return a Diagram , Palette or Overview?

Thanks Walter I am able to fix the one issue with Diagram creation but still below point is pending. need your input.

Please check this below screenshot while creating the model

You need to look at your code and figure out what the TypeScript compiler is complaining about. Then you can decide how to resolve the coding error.

Basically it is not taking the ObjectData as type and it taking writable draft object

As you can see in the go.d.ts definitions file:

export interface ObjectData {
    [index: string]: any;

In other words, it’s any JavaScript Object.

I have gone to this interface but it is showing below error

I am using the below namespace in the component
import * as go from ‘gojs’;

I am using go.ObjectData still shows the above error