GoJS Library and Source Code?

Hi There, I’m a potential customer thinking about getting your GoJS Library.

I need to know more about the Source Code Licence you provide in the (Buy Page) … and why would I need to buy this license in addition to the GoJS Library License ?

Are there any limitations that will require me to work with the Source Code in order to achieve my goals ? or I can simply use the GoJS Library … please help me understand

Basically no one needs a source license to implement whatever appearences and behaviors that they want. We have had decades of experience with diagramming libraries, so it is unlikely that what you need cannot be implemented by setting some properties and maybe overriding some methods.

But we do offer a source code license to satisfy the usual reasons:

  • wanting to learn how it works
  • wanting the ability to implement very unusual behavior
  • needing the reassurance of having the source in case Northwoods Software disappears

Regarding the last point, we’ve been in business since 1995, and I think everyone would say that we are a very stable corporation.

So, I do not believe you need source code. But you might want it anyway.