Gojs licensed version showing water mark


i uploaded the new gojs licensed version. I i access from the localhost its not showing the water mark. If i access from the out side computer using ipaddress the water mark showing. I tryed with both go.js and go-debug.js please advise and the button images are also not showing if i access with ip address

To avoid the watermark the page must be served from either localhost or the domain for which you received the license key.

If you aren’t seeing some images, either they are not present or not being served properly. If they are on a different site, you need to consider CORS issues: https://enable-cors.org/

Hi Walter

We have unlimited domain license. It should work any ip once we deploy the gojs version provided by you

Did you get the images to show correctly?

You should have received instructions for getting a custom library that can work everywhere. GoJS Deployment -- Northwoods Software

Yes images are coming… It is issue with Image formats