GoJS Org Chart Editor - Divide the canvas area into multiple sections


Our actual requirement is to divide the gojs org chart editor canvas area into three sections which is not supported by default in GoJs. I couldn’t find direct solution for customizing the canvas area. Could you please help me how to customize and how to drag and drop the nodes from one section to another. Please find the screenshot below,


Please let me know if any additional information is required. Thank you for your support in advance.

Just use three separate HTML DIV elements and three corresponding GoJS Diagrams.
For example, GoJS Palette -- Northwoods Software.

Thanks for your quick reply… But in the above example we can’t drag and drop the nodes from div 2 to div 1 (Palette). We need the functionality like user should able to drag and drop the nodes from any div to any other div.


In the above example, user can drag from div 1 to div 2, div 1 to div 3, div 2 to div 1, div 3 to div 1… and the dragged nodes can be linked.

Just use Diagrams, not Palettes.

Thank you. I will try and let you know if any issues.

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