GoJS Org Chart Editor - How to replace parent node by drag and drop

Hi Walter/Simon,

In the above diagram, We have a parent node ‘Lori Jaramillo’ (Mother). How to replace Lori with any other node in ‘Other Parities’ Section by drag and drop.

For example, If I drag and drop ‘George’ from other parties to ‘Lori’ it should not create a child node. It should show a popup saying ‘Would you like to replace parent node?’ if yes then Parent Node (Lori) should be replaced with the dragged child node (‘George’).


This assumes that each node only has one port:

      $(go.Diagram, . . .,
          . . .,
          allowDrop: true,  // for v1.*
          "ExternalObjectsDropped": function(e) {
            var newnode = e.diagram.selection.first();
            if (newnode !== null) {  // a new node was dropped

              // look for any existing node under the mouse pointer at the time of the drop
              var oldnode = e.diagram.findObjectsAt(e.diagram.lastInput.documentPoint,
                function(x) { var p = x.part; return (p instanceof go.Node) ? p : null; },
                function(p) { return p.isSelected ? null : p; }).first();

              if (oldnode !== null) {  // found an existing node?
                // could ask if it's OK to replace the old node . . .

                // disconnect existing links from old node and reconnect with new node
                var links = new go.List().addAll(oldnode.linksConnected);
                links.each(function(link) {
                  if (link.fromNode === oldnode) link.fromNode = newnode;
                  if (link.toNode === oldnode) link.toNode = newnode;

                // remove old node
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Thank you Walter.