GoJS overview background turns gray

We have recently upgraded gojs version from 2.1.56 to 2.3.1. After the the version update gojs overview background turns gray. The diagram has more than 600 group nodes on the canvas.
When the user collapses all the group nodes the gray background is removed. Expanding back the nodes add the gray background again.

It looks as in the screenshot.

As i was looking for a solution, i figured out that some of the gojs sample diagrams also has this gray background issue, when the diagram is substantially zoomed out. two examples are as follows.

How can i control the overview background to be always white?

My guess is that your observed Diagram has a grid pattern, and your Overview is showing it at a small scale, which makes the background grayish. It depends on the grid frequency and color, of course.

Either set Overview.drawsTemporaryLayers to false or Overview.drawsGrid to false.

Yes the diagram canvas wrapper div has a css background-image property.
I have tried setting the Overview.drawsTemporaryLayers or Overview.drawsGrid to false, but it does not fix the problem.

I have also removed the grid pattern css class but it still appears like this.

What else might be wrong here?

The Overview won’t be sharing any background-image of the Diagram’s Div.
So is it true that you have not set or shown the Diagram.grid in the observed Diagram?
What does an instance of a non-collapsed Group look like?

Its actually contrary to that. When i show the grid, the gray color disappears.

i set the grid on diagram on initialisation and then toggle the visibility later on.

diagram.grid = $(
      visible: false,
      gridCellSize: new go.Size(size, size),
    $(go.Shape, 'LineH', { stroke: color }),
    $(go.Shape, 'LineV', { stroke: color }),

Hmmm, very odd. Is there any way for us to reproduce the problem?

Also, if you try using GoJS version 2.2.23, do you have the same problem?
I’m wondering if it’s a bug that we introduced when we added the option of rendering as SVG in v2.3.

unfortunately it is not easily reproducible. because it works fine in some other cases when we have different number of nodes.

I have tried downgrading the version to v2.2 but it doesn’t help. although downgrading to version v2.1.56 fixes it!

It also happens in this example as well

I assume you meant v2.2, not (downgrading to) v2.3.

We’re investigating this now.

Yes, exactly downgrading to v2.2 doesn’t help.

Thanks for pointing this out. This has been fixed and will be out with the next release, 2.3.3, probably some time next week.

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Thank you. any update regarding version 2.3.3 release?

We’re still trying to fix an unrelated bug.

We’ve just released GoJS 2.3.3.