GoJS Printing won't display the images from makeImage

So I have followed the guides for printing, a GoJS diagram by using the makeImage function. http://gojs.net/latest/intro/printing.html

I have set up my <html> page in the following way:

It successfully populates my Diagram in the <div> SWFPrintArea and sets the Images successfully in the myImages div.

Here is my CSS file that sets the @print media query.

The problem is that when I print the page in the browser, it either displays a blank page (if I set the <link> tag to have media="print" and if I set the media parameter of the css link to screen it will print the whole page without selectively displaying the myImages

`. Not really sure what is going on as it is happening in both Chrome and Firefox.

Here is the fragment of the JS file which makes the Images

So, actually, now the generateImages function is not getting values for the documentBounds of the diagram. When I make the alert() statement of the db.width() and db.height() I get both NaN, which is preventing GoJS from Drawing the Images, as it doesn’t enter the loop to copy the diagram into the myImages div.

        var imgDiv = document.getElementById('myImages');
        imgDiv.innerHTML = "";
       var db = confSheetDiagramRef.documentBounds.copy();
      var boundswidth = db.width;
      var boundsheight = db.height;
      var imgWidth = width;
     var imgHeight = height;
     var boundsheight = db.height;
     var imgWidth = width;
     var imgHeight = height;
      var p = db.position.copy();

Here is the full JS file

Here is the Full GoJS file which draws the diagram

If the Diagram.documentBounds is not real (i.e. if it has NaN values), that indicates that the Diagram did not have a chance to do all of its standard initialization, including loading of the model, layout, and document bounds computation.

Can you reorganize your code to occur in an “InitialLayoutCompleted” DiagramEvent listener?

Thank you for the good suggestion, Walter. So now it successfully populates the myImages <div> by running
generateImages() on my Diagram. Selectively printing the myImages <div> with the GoJS supplied CSS in the Printing tutorial is still not working. Specifically, when I include the stylesheet with the
@print media query, it does not seem to be successfully applying display:none to the rest of the DOM as everything on the page prints when I toggle the print menu with Ctrl-P in Firefox 42.0b6 on the Beta Channel.

Any suggestions? Let me know if you need to see any other code in addition to the aforementioned gists I posted of the CSS and my HTML page.

Sorry my apologies. I discovered that, when trying to fix the case in which the whole page was displayed, I wrote display:none !important; which of course had the unwanted effect of rendering display:block on the div #myImages, non-functional.