GoJS Rendering Nodes in DesignView GUI

From the GoJS Swim Lanes Sample source code, I want to both see and be able to manipulate (move) the Node and Links parts on the GUI Design View tab side before posting everything in my browser.

Should I instantiate the diagram object (consisting of both Nodes + Links) and have some type of methods exposed in a div so that I can see things DesignView side in javascript? I see that a similar thing is done to render visual objects to the browser but how will I do this DesignView side?

Although I am not sure about this, I do not believe that the Visual Studio designer supports executing the scripts that are on the page. So you will not be able to show or manipulate any Nodes or Links in a Diagram that is associated with a DIV in an HTML page that is being edited in design mode.

If you really want to implement a design-time diagram in Visual Studio, I know that is possible using our GoXam (WPF) and our GoDiagram (WinForms) products, because a number of our customers have done that. I don’t know if that would be so easy to do using GoJS, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t be possible. But it’s a non-trivial task, unlike creating a GoJS diagram in a web page.