Gojs select node after edit another node

I have a diagram with some editable text blocks.
when I edit a node, and after it I want to select another node, I have to click twice in order to select the node, one to finish edit the node, and one to select the other node.
Is there a way to do this in one click? when I select another node its will select immediately?

Try this override of TextEditingTool.doMouseDown:

      $(go.Diagram, . . .,
          { . . .,
            "textEditingTool.starting": go.TextEditingTool.SingleClick,
            "textEditingTool.doMouseDown": function() {
              var tb = this.diagram.findObjectAt(this.diagram.lastInput.documentPoint);
              if (tb instanceof go.TextBlock && tb.editable && tb.part.canEdit()) {
            . . .

You have probably already set this, but to get started editing without clicking twice, set TextEditingTool.starting to go.TextBlock.SingleClick.