GOJS Sortable Nodes

Need a sortable (ascending)nodes for flowgraph like below shown:

I am using following layout structure in my code:

Need a solution to handle it…please give some examples also…
Thank you

There is an example of providing a TreeLayout.comparer function at the end of GoJS Trees -- Northwoods Software.

By the way, you have two layouts in your Diagram initialization. Only the last assignment matters.

my flowgraph has 4 levels of nodes and each level of node should sort asceding(like left to right-it should be in alphabatical order)

for example:

my actual code is below here:

			var $ = go.GraphObject.make;
			myDiagram =
				$(go.Diagram, "myDiagramDiv",
					    "toolManager.hoverDelay": 100,
						allowVerticalScroll: true, 
						initialDocumentSpot: go.Spot.Top,
						initialViewportSpot: go.Spot.Top, 
						//  autoScale: go.Diagram.Uniform,
						allowCopy: false,
						initialContentAlignment: go.Spot.Top,
						"draggingTool.dragsTree": false,
						"commandHandler.deletesTree": false,
							{ angle: 90, arrangement: go.TreeLayout.ArrangementFixedRoots,alignment: go.TreeLayout.AlignmentCenterSubtrees,layerSpacing: 110,nodeSpacing :80, comparer: keyCompare ,  sorting: go.TreeLayout.SortingAscending }),
						"undoManager.isEnabled": true

Can you please tell me how make the each level of node to sort ascending by this code

can you please give a detailed flow for this method

In what manner is the documentation at TreeLayout | GoJS API insufficient?