GoJS SVG Renderer Hides Text

In GoJS 2.3.9, when changing the renderer to “svg”, text is being covered up in many places on my diagram. This seems to be due to a rect element being rendered after a text element in the DOM order.

Here in this diagram, you can see the circle labeled “Aunt”:

And here you can see the text is missing, covered up by the rect element:

Is this a bug? This is my first time posting on this forum, so hopefully this is going in the right place.

Thank you. Yes, this is probably a bug. Could you share the Node template?

I’m new to GoJS Simon and I don’t really know exactly what part of the code to provide to you. Could you please provide me with an example of what you’re looking for?

Somewhere in the code will be defined:

myDiagram.nodeTemplate = ...


myDiagram.nodeTemplateMap.add('name', ...)

I need that definition (which will include a go.Node and various go.Panel, go.TextBlock, go.Shapes etc) to reproduce the bug.