GoJS v2.3.3 Dotted grid turn to line

Hello, I’m facing an issue related to the dotted background grid. As you can see the dotted grid is turning into horizontal lines. It occurred when the fixedBounds of the diagram is greater than 4700. Is there any workaround ? I’m using the example of the custom grid dot from Grid Patterns | GoJS


I’m not sure why this might be. Can you try upgrading to 3.0 and see if that fixes it? We made some improvements to how grids are drawn that might have fixed this.

Failing that, you may need to turn off grids at a certain zoom level.

Hi Simon,
I’ve try the 2.3.17 and the 3.0.2 version (the latest one) and the issue still the same. It doesn’t change while I’m zooming in or out.
But, while I’m zooming in or out and while I’m scrolling too, the dots appear during the animation of the zoom and then turn of to be straight lines. I don’t know if this will help you to understand that issue.

Until any fix we will turn off the dot grid for now because we’ve got a lot of large graph like the one I’ve shown you.
Thank you for your reply !
Best Regards

I would really like to reproduce this. Can you send us your Diagram config, the grid, and anything else that would let us see it happen? You can send email, gojs@nwoods.com if you prefer.