GoJS version 1.6.0-beta7

With this latest beta release, there are several bug fixes, some documentation improvements, and a new extension, the DimensioningLink. You can see it in the new sample: http://gojs.net/beta/extensions/Dimensioning.html

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I seem to have forgotten to post an announcement for beta version 1.6.0-beta5. Well, no matter – we just put up 1.6.0-beta6, at http://gojs.net/beta.

We’ve added the Relationships sample, which demonstrates custom rendering of links.

We fixed some bugs in Table Panels involving separators and clipped rows or columns, and a bug involving ellipsis in TextBlocks.

We have improved animation involving collapsing/expanding subgraphs and trees.

We have improved the styling of the documentation pages.

The Space key now cycles through the Diagram.highlighteds collection if it’s non-empty; otherwise it will cycle through the Diagram.selection collection if it’s non-empty.