GoJS version 1.7.0

We are pleased to announce the general availability of GoJS version 1.7. The complete list of changes, as always, is at Change Log. Here is a summary of the significant new features:

  • From GoJS 1.7 onward there is a new method of licensing that does not require a separate go.js file download, instead it uses a license key. Read more on the Deployment Introduction page.
  • Added a new sample: Floor Planner in the extensions folder.
  • More intelligent link routing: GoJS now attempts to preserve Link routes when elements of a Node resize or move, but do not affect the link ports.
  • Improved support for customizing tooltips, context menus and the TextEditingTool using a new class, HTMLInfo, which contains methods to show and hide custom HTML. An HTMLInfo can be assigned as a value of GraphObject.contextMenu, Diagram.contextMenu, GraphObject.toolTip, Diagram.toolTip, or TextBlock.defaultTextEditor. Read more on the HTML Interaction Introduction page.
  • New Panel.type: Panel.Graduated, used to draw regular tick marks and text along a main Shape element. Read more on the Graduated Panels Introduction page.
  • Added the Panel.isEnabled property, the GraphObject.isEnabledObject method, and the GraphObject.enabledChanged event.
  • Added the Panel.isClipping property, which allows Spot Panels to designate their main Shape element as a clipping region instead of a drawn Shape.
  • Added Brush methods for computing lighter or darker colors or Brushes.
  • Added Binding.ofModel method, to support data binding of GraphObject properties to data properties that are on the Model.modelData shared JavaScript Object.