GoJS version 1.7.19

  • Added the Vue.js sample, demonstrating a simple GoJS app in the Vue.js framework.
  • Fixed a bug in DraggingTool.moveParts where it was incorrectly shifting Nodes when Nodes shifted by differing amounts.
  • Extended RotatingTool to work on link labels; the user still cannot rotate whole Links or the Link.path.
  • Restored behavior from 1.6 of Model.fromJson such that
    linkdata.points property value is of type List. Version 1.7 had allowed
    that property to remain as an Array of numbers.
  • When a Group.layout was a CircularLayout, that layout was not
    respecting the implicit Layout.arrangementOrigin provided by the group
    by calling and remembering Layout.initialOrigin.
  • Fixed Link arrowhead and Link label positioning when the object to be positioned is scaled.