GoJS version 1.8.30

  • Fixed a bug with Node.collapseTree: In collapsing a circular subgraph it now correctly set Node.wasTreeExpanded on the original node, and now removes the Node’s Adornments.
  • Improved resizing behavior of the Overview.box to be smoother and more accurate.
  • Fixed a bug with adornments not disappearing during deselection, after creating new Parts.
  • Fixed a bug with Group sizing during drag-copy.
  • Fixed the DiagramEvent.subject collection of a “SelectionDeleted” DiagramEvent to include connected Links.
  • Fixed a bug with Group and member positioning during drag-copy, where the copy may sometimes incorrectly place the Parts relative to each other.
  • The map returned by Shape.getFigureGenerators now includes string synonyms, such as “MinusLine” which references “LineH”. Previously, it was only including figures directly associated with a generator function.