GoJS version 1.8.5

  • IE: Fixed a regression from 1.8.3 with PointerEvents: Mouse-based events now correctly report their button (left, right middle) and modifier keys (Ctrl, Alt, etc). Additionally, modifier keys now work with touches, so users can do actions such as CTRL+touch to select multiple nodes.
  • Fixed a bug with shadows in IE (but not Edge) sometimes causing draw-related errors with the Canvas Context.
  • The user of PointerEvents is additionally limited by window.navigator.msPointerEnabled not being false. This supports the use of IE 11 when embedded within Windows applications.
  • Fixed an animation regression that began with 1.7.0: resizing Diagram DIVs now correctly animates layouts that have Layout.isViewportSized set to true.

Basically, this is a release that fixes several input-related bugs in IE and Edge.