GoJS version 2.0.13

Changes for 2.0.13

  • When dragging over a different Diagram than the source, such as in a drag from a Palette, the DraggingTool now checks the Diagram’s cursor and only changes it to "copy" if the Diagram.currentCursor value is "" or "auto" .
  • Drawing fix for some objects disappearing when rotated, and the Diagram is scaled.
  • Optimized Group.move not to try moving member parts when the offset is zero. This improves the stability of layouts that move groups, such as PoolLayout in some samples.
  • This bugfix potentially breaks old elementFinished code in Shape geometries with multiple figures. Fix for Diagram.makeSVG elementFinished optional argument: Shapes with multiple geometry figures would pass the final SVG <path> generated as the SVG element, when they should be grouped together and pass an SVG <g> instead. This is what TextBlock already does when there is more than one line of text.

For previous releases, see: GoJS Version 2.0.12 - #2