GoJS Version 2.0.7

Changes for 2.0.7

  • Floorplanner 2.0 - New Floorplanner project (see it here), written in TypeScript, at projects/floorplannerTS. New features include:
    • Wall mitering, with updated dimension links and angle nodes to account for this
    • The ability to define rooms, complete with name, floor type, area, and draggable labels
    • Textures - apply seamless textures to furniture or floors, by use of GoJS Pattern Brushes
    • Full integration with the GoCloudStorage library (save to Local Storage / Google Drive / Dropbox / OneDrive)
    • Export to PNG
    • Export to SVG
    • Ability to define unit scale in Options menu
  • New intro page on Replacing Diagrams and Models
  • Fixed a bug with Link Shape Geometries not rendering when updated partially off-screen.
  • Fixed a bug with InputEvent.clickCount: Before, on touch devices, this count was incremented only on the end of the touch, and not the start. This was discrepant from mouse click behavior, and would lead to problems when Tools queried the clickCount on touch/mouseDown, when determining for instance if a particular InputEvent was a double-click. Now, the InputEvent.clickCount is reported consistently on mouseDown/touchStart/pointerDown and the corresponding “up” events.
  • GoJS previously would set the Canvas Context’s imageSmoothingEnabled property to false. It no longer does this. If this change causes visual errors, please contact us.

For previous releases, see: GoJS version 2.0.6 - #2