GoJS version 2.1.22

Changes for 2.1.22

  • Added the Rescaling Tool extension, demonstrated in the Rescaling sample. This tool modifies the GraphObject.scale property, unlike the ResizingTool which modifies the GraphObject.desiredSize property.
  • Improved performance of Model.mergeNodeDataArray, GraphLinksModel.mergeLinkDataArray, and Model.toIncrementalData. The merge methods require that references are not shared between the the GoJS model and the external data provided and will now make deep copies of any new data objects before adding them to the model. This means Model.cloneDeep doesn’t need to be called on the arrays passed in, as the merge methods will make the necessary calls.
  • Fixed go-module.js to work when treated as an ES6 module in Node.js. At the same time we have added go.mjs and go-debug.mjs as copies of go-module.js and go-debug-module.js. For compatibility the kit will contain both sets of files.
  • Fixed automatically performing layouts of outer groups after inner nested groups changed size.

For the previous version, see GoJS version 2.1.21