GoJS version 2.1.24

Changes for 2.1.24

  • Added the Multi-color Links sample, showing links whose paths can be stroked with multiple colors specified in an Array as the value of the link’s data.colors .
  • Associating a Diagram instance with an HTMLDivElement now causes that Div element to get two new properties: “goDiagram” to refer to that Diagram instance, and “go” to refer to the “go” namespace if it exists. This makes it easier to examine or set Diagram properties or to call Diagram methods or methods on GraphObjects in existing apps without access to the app’s source code.
  • Fixed using subclasses of GraphLinksModel or TreeModel.
  • Fixed AnimationTriggers incorrectly starting when AnimationManager.isEnabled is set to false .
  • Fixed extraneous Transaction ChangedEvents when modifying a group invalidated a layout.

For the previous release, see GoJS version 2.1.23