GoJS version 2.1.31

Changes for 2.1.31

  • Fixed a regression since 2.1.30 where the library might not load in React or Angular environments, and a TypeError would be thrown.
  • Fixed dragging of links connected with snapped nodes when the grid cell size was not an integer, causing the links to slowly shift over time.
  • Fixed rendering of background in images drawn by Diagram.makeImageData when the whole page has been scaled to be less than 100%.
  • Fixed Diagram.delayInitialization when calling code that prompts the Diagram to update immediately afterwards.
  • Fixed premature routing of links in Groups that start off collapsed (with Group.isSubGraphExpanded set or bound to false).
  • Fixed an animation bug that might revert some routes when the initial animation was turned off.
  • Link.computeAdjusting now only returns Link.End during animation only when routing is AvoidsNodes.
  • Fixed a regression since 2.1.29 where an Overview would not update with a newly set Overview.observed Diagram and a newly displayed HTMLDivElement until some activity happened on that observed Diagram.

Previous version: GoJS version 2.1.30