GoJS version 2.1.37

Changes for 2.1.37

  • Added an Introduction page about Testing with Jest and with Cypress.
  • Fixed some scenarios with Table Panels not apportioning space correctly when elements stretched and rows/columns had minimums or maximums set.
  • Fixed touch-dragging between Diagrams in frameworks that use a shadow DOM.
  • Fixed routing invalidation of links to nodes in collapsed groups that have “…Sides” Spots.
  • Fixed shadows on unfilled PathFigures when a GraphObject.fill was set. This mostly presented itself when shadowing bezier or orthogonal Link paths. This fix may cause Links with a Link Label to draw a shadow on the Link path where none was previously. If you do not want the Link path shaded, you must set GraphObject.shadowVisible to false on the Link path Shape.

Previous version: GoJS version 2.1.36